Arthur & Gwen Reunion Vid {4×11&4×12}

So I would have done this sooner but I just started watching Fringe, so I’ve been a little addicted! Anyway, I LOVED Arthur and Gwen’s reunion, however short it was. This vid is pretty much Arthur’s POV but then turns to both of them at the end. I just got a lot of William Fitzsimmons’ music, and I love him so I had to use one of his songs. This song is from his album “Goodnight” if you want to check out the full song (I only used 3 minutes of the song). I hope you love it! The song is “Mend Your Heart.” Enjoy!


Logan Echolls Vidlet

First new vid of the year! I also made a new intro! My first vid of the year is short but pertains to Logan EchollsĀ from the show Veronica Mars. It features music by William Fitzsimmons and centers around how Logan feels at the beginning of season 2.