Arthur and Gwen Post 5×13 AU vid

I finally made another Arwen vid! Oh, how I’ve missed them! I don’t know if it was because SyFy aired the final ep or what cause I got crazy, fast inspiration to make this on Friday. I know a lot of people have made vids similar to this but I wanted to add mine to that fabulous pool. I’ve never made an AU before so it was fun making up a story and how I would like to think Gwen did after Arthur was gone. So we start where we last left off with Gwen on the throne, where her memories flood her mind. That night she breaks down in her room. She is in so much pain that she doesn’t believe it when she hears Arthur. She thinks it is just a trick her mind is playing. But once she looks at him, she knows it’s him. Arthur had to see her, one last time, to tell her he would always be with her. Those few words give her the strength to carry on. The next morning, she looks over the courtyard flashing back to memories with Arthur. With a nervous gulp, she gets to work as queen. Throughout the 10 harmonious years Queen Guinevere rules (while I wish I could make it look like she aged, I personally don’t believe she would 🙂 ), he is always in her heart and mind. However, while walking through the forest, she passes out. Her physician (I would say Gaius, but I’m pretty sure he would be dead by now) tells her that her illness is incurable and she may have only a few months to a year to live ( I would say it’s cancer, but I won’t for obvious reasons). As she deals with this awful news, her memories of Arthur get more intense (this goes on for months). Until one night, she dreams of Arthur telling her to walk with him and as she grabs his hand, memories of him holding her hand flash by. She wakes knowing she must go to Avalon. She leaves without telling anyone and rides for the lake. From Avalon, Arthur sees her coming. Once she gets there, she leaves flowers on the bank. As she is looking over the lake, everything changes around her and Arthur is there holding out his hand just like her dream. She takes his hand and they are finally holding each other again after 10+ years. They sleep forever together in Avalon until they will rise again as the Once and Future King and Queen. The music featured is “Stainache” by Emma Louise! Hope you enjoy/like/share! 🙂


Arthur and Guinevere vid for season 5

I just had to make something for the latest episode “The Dark Tower,” however I haven’t fully delved into the episode just yet, my heart still needs to heal a bit more. So this is like a pre-vid before I get into the really heartbreaking stuff. It shows Arthur finding out that Guinevere is gone then scenes of them together from episodes 1-5 and ends with Merlin’s promise. The music is “That Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra. Please enjoy!