Olicity Through Their Eyes and Touches Volume 4!

Hey, I’ve been very busy so far this summer. I have pretty much a completely different lifestyle! So my videos were put on the back burner….but I squeezed in some time to get this one out! Plus it’s the 1st day of filming for Season 5!! So why not celebrate with some Olicity! Though it is a pretty sad video but with a hopeful ending!

Music featured is “Pantomime” By Ben Hammersley, “All I Want” by Dawn Golden, and “Oh My Love” by Layla! Please like/share and most importantly enjoy! 🙂


The last volume until the end the of the season is here!

Yay! I got it out before the hiatus is over!! Goal achieved! This is all S4 looks and touches through episode 15…however I didn’t use all of 15 cause I didn’t want this volume to end super sad! Instead when I make volume 4 at the end of the season, it will start sad and end happy (no I am not a psychic….but Olicity will be back together at the end of S4, there is no doubt!).

The music featured is similar to volume 2 in that there are covers and the actual artists. Here is the music in order of appearance: “Bright” by Echosmith feat. Lindsey Stirling (this is the beginning and ending song), “Mirrors” cover by Drew Tabor, “Mirrors” violin cover by Jun Sung Ahn, “Mirrors” cover by Andrew Ripp, “All of Me” violin/guitar cover by Daniel Jang, “Embers” by Max Richter, “All of Me” by John Legend feat. Lindsey Stirling, “Rather Be” cover by The Shires, and “Bright” violin/guitar cover by Top40Strings on Youtube!

Hope you guys like/share and most importantly enjoy! (CAUSE A NEW ARROW IS ON THIS WEEK!!!) 🙂

Olicity vid for 4×10!

Looks like my mojo is back and ready to stay. I think alot of that has to do with my new editing software! I failed to mention another reason I lost my mojo was because of my software crashing. What did I expect from free/already built-in software on a Windows?! FYI, that would never happen on a Mac! I miss my Mac! 😦 BUT after years of using free and built-in software, I finally caved and bought professional quality editing software! So instead of using multiple programs for one video, I only have to use one. So much easier! Since I bought it on Wednesday, it took a few days to get used to it. But hopefully the next time I make a vid, it will be out sooner! Now to this lovely vid……

4×10 was a BEAUTIFULLY SAD episode for my beloved Olicity. I was spoiled before hand about Felicity and had my fears about it due to the set photos released last month. At first, when the pics came out, I was 100% against it. If it was true, I told myself I would rage quit! Then when the Australian promo came out…my heart sank. This was the last thing I wanted for my cupcake….BUT….after reading some posts from amazing people in the fandom, I calmed down. I, also, felt ashamed for thinking Felicity or anyone would be less because of this disability. I started to realize this is the best thing that could happen to Felicity….Why you ask? Cause it will give her SO MUCH MORE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!! Which is all I could ask for my favorite character! A certain other character isn’t getting this beautiful nugget of development, so I’m even more happy!

This vid is mostly from Oliver’s POV. I say mostly cause the lyric, “…..just don’t leave….,” pertains to Felicity’s fear that Oliver will leave her because of her new disability. There are ALOT of flashbacks from all the seasons. The music featured is Radiohead’s “True Love Waits” cover by Camille O’Sullivan! I love the original but it’s a live recording. I wish they would make a studio version. But knowing them, I don’t think that will happen. Well, at least I have covers of it that I like! Hope you like hers, I haven’t heard any of her other stuff but I like her version! Please enjoy/like/share! 🙂


I’M BACK!! Sorry for the absence…..

I know, I know, it’s been awhile. I wish I could say I was super busy (which I was for a little while), but the truth is…..I got creatively blocked! BOO ME! It’s not like there wasn’t inspiration for me (especially with my beautiful Olicity) but I couldn’t for the life of me create anything. I kept starting then never finishing. It was SUPER frustrating. Also after I met Stephen and David, it’s like I calmed down fandom wise. I still LOVE Arrow but I don’t have to know every single spoiler and speculation the minute it happens. It’s weird but better for my social life! lol. So there you have it, why I have been so silent. BUT not today (which happens to be one week until Arrow is back), I have an Olicity vid just for your beautiful fandom eyes.

Since I haven’t made a vid since the start of Season 4 yet, I decided this vid would mostly contain S4 footage. I did include 1 clip from each of the previous seasons, but the rest is purely S4 eps 1-9/10ish. This vid is a bunch of layers upon layers….that’s the way it makes sense in my head. After the intro, it starts with the limo ride then goes to the proposal then to the party then back to the proposal then to some flashbacks then to Damien’s lair and so on and so forth. There are some small variations but it’s still layered. And I tried to make the scenes/clips connect in some way to the next scene/clip. Hope you guys like it, I am so glad to have some mojo left. I was worried that I would never make a vid again….SCARY! The music featured is “Winter” by Mree! Hope you enjoy/like/share!! So glad to be back!! 🙂

It’s been a while, how are you doing?

Hello world! I have been gone for a few months….there are many reasons for that. 1) I HAVE BEEN SUPER BUSY!! Like only getting one day off busy! 2) My lovely Mac is dying (to be fair in computer years she’s like 80 and yes my mac is a she) and wouldn’t let me do much before she’d start whining (yes it’s makes a whining sound!). So I had to buy a new computer (sadly a Windows) and it took me awhile to get used to my new video editing software and 3) I lost a bit of inspiration, due to the above mentioned and lack of trailers…… until now! The video is like an Olicity greatest hits, though for time reasons I had to cut a few of my favorites, plus Season 4 scenes from the 1st trailer and 30 sec promo. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Why did you not use the newest trailer with the most beautiful souffle scene ever?!” Good question, I finished this vid then immediately got on twitter to just check up on things and BAM! there it was. Due to the fact that I didn’t want to completely redo my vid, I will make a short vidlet with all the Season 4 goodies. Just be on the lookout. And since I never get stuff done when I want, it will probably be done the day of the premiere! lol The music featured is “Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love” by Coldplay. Hope you guys like it and don’t judge the editing too harshly! It’s good to be back! 🙂


Arthur & Guinevere Vid for 4×13

I finally made a vid for the epic finale! (Darn you, Fringe and your awesomeness keeping me from vidding! lol) Anyway this vid only contains clips from 4×13, I will be making more Arwen vids with all the series/seasons so be on the lookout! I’M SO HAPPY GWEN IS QUEEN!!!! The song featured is “Standing In Front Of You” by Kelly Clarkson. I love how this song at the beginning (except for the first bit when Arthur is being an idiot and an ass!) showcases Gwen’s side, laying out her feelings to Arthur, then it switches after Isolde dies. Arthur is telling Gwen that he isn’t going anywhere and wants to be with her no matter what. The end of the vid when Gwen is crowned and both of them telling each other that nothing is going to break them, they are solid. Enjoy! UPDATE FEB. 9th 2014: Youtube muted it, so I had to re-upload it on Vimeo! EVIL YOUTUBE!!!!!

Arthur & Gwen Reunion Vid {4×11&4×12}

So I would have done this sooner but I just started watching Fringe, so I’ve been a little addicted! Anyway, I LOVED Arthur and Gwen’s reunion, however short it was. This vid is pretty much Arthur’s POV but then turns to both of them at the end. I just got a lot of William Fitzsimmons’ music, and I love him so I had to use one of his songs. This song is from his album “Goodnight” if you want to check out the full song (I only used 3 minutes of the song). I hope you love it! The song is “Mend Your Heart.” Enjoy!

Guinevere Vid for 4×11

So at first episode 11 pissed me off because Arthur was being an ass and there was no reunion but after the second watch I really loved this episode and I’m glad they didn’t just run into each other’s arms like nothing happened. So I loved many moments from this episode so it was really hard trying to figure out what I wanted to do. But I came across the song “The Kiss” which I have loved since seeing “The Last of the Mohicans” when I was younger. And then I thought, what about showcasing Gwen’s POV and then my vid was born! So it’s all Gwen’s POV except for the scene when Arthur finds the ring, I couldn’t leave it out. The way Arthur looks at that ring just makes me so happy! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and again the music is “The Kiss” by Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman! 

Arthur/Gwen Vid for 4×09

This vid is from Gwen’s POV with a bit of Arthur man pain! That’s pretty much the gist of it! I used one clip from 4×10 and the music is “Not” by: Cheyenne Marie Mize! FYI: Cheyenne is from Louisville, Ky which is right across the river from here and so is the local record label she is on! If you haven’t heard of her, look her up!