It’s been a while, how are you doing?

Hello world! I have been gone for a few months….there are many reasons for that. 1) I HAVE BEEN SUPER BUSY!! Like only getting one day off busy! 2) My lovely Mac is dying (to be fair in computer years she’s like 80 and yes my mac is a she) and wouldn’t let me do much before she’d start whining (yes it’s makes a whining sound!). So I had to buy a new computer (sadly a Windows) and it took me awhile to get used to my new video editing software and 3) I lost a bit of inspiration, due to the above mentioned and lack of trailers…… until now! The video is like an Olicity greatest hits, though for time reasons I had to cut a few of my favorites, plus Season 4 scenes from the 1st trailer and 30 sec promo. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Why did you not use the newest trailer with the most beautiful souffle scene ever?!” Good question, I finished this vid then immediately got on twitter to just check up on things and BAM! there it was. Due to the fact that I didn’t want to completely redo my vid, I will make a short vidlet with all the Season 4 goodies. Just be on the lookout. And since I never get stuff done when I want, it will probably be done the day of the premiere! lol The music featured is “Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love” by Coldplay. Hope you guys like it and don’t judge the editing too harshly! It’s good to be back! 🙂



Finally another vid!! And it’s Olicity! YAY!

So I have been in a lull with videos, plus I just couldn’t find the right music (my excuse for everything, right! lol). But I finally got around to finishing my Olicity vid for the end of Season 2. Yes, I was mad about the fake out BUT the end well made up for it! Cause this is the way I see it…. Oliver CANNOT LIE to Felicity. He can lie perfectly to everyone else but she sees through him. He didn’t have to look at her the way he did. Slade could only hear what he was saying, the way the camera was angled was behind Oliver. His eyes told me the truth. BUT of course Felicity is gonna write it off cause there is no way Oliver loves her that way… Also he didn’t really answer at the end. He just stared into her beautiful eyes like he always does. However this time was different, it felt like the beginning of something special, like a dance that has just began. This is it Oliciters, the slow burn has really began. We have years and angst ahead of us, but I truly believe the show is making them endgame. You don’t give two characters this much attention, if you weren’t going in that direction. Plus that whole “I love you fake out” felt a little like the “not so” fake out between Clark and Lois (you know, the one with the lie detector). The music I used was a cover of the Semisonic song, “Secret Smile,” by Irish singer/songwriter Andrea Begley. Hope you enjoy/like/share! 🙂

Arwen and Olicity Parallels……

Ever since I fell in love with the beautiful ship that is Olicity, I have noticed some connections it has with another ship that I will forever love even though it ended so tragically. That’s right, Arwen and Olicity have parallels! Don’t believe me, check out this awesome vid I made! For Arrow, I just used season 2 clips. Music featured is “Just Say Yes” Instrumental Version! Hope you enjoy/like/share! 🙂

Olicity First Six Eps Vid!

So as I said, I’m catching up! Again, I thought I would just do one vid for the first half of season two, but I’m ridiculous! They just have such great scenes together that’s it’s hard to let some go! And since we just had the 12th ep, it is so easy to split into two vids! Once I upload this, I will be working on “part 2” of season two! As it states above, it is the first six eps and the music featured is “Happening” by Olivia Broadfield (which I found on an Olicity mix on Spotify)! Hope you enjoy/like/share! 🙂

Willow and Oz vid (Season 2)

And now part 2 of the first vid! This is about Willow and Oz’s relationship from the moment he sees her at the Bronze to Oz turning into a werewolf to the sweet moment at the hospital! The music featured is “Drowning in Pinwheels” by IG88 (feat. Bed if Stars). Hope you enjoy/like/share! 🙂

Tribute to Buffy & Angel/Angelus Season Two: Part Two

Part two is finally here!!! Sorry it took me so long. First of all, I have been really busy with school, so that has been taking most of my time. And when I got around to working on it, the music was giving me a hard time! I’ve actually had it together for weeks, but as i said finding the perfect songs was a chore. Now it’s all finished and ready for your viewing pleasure! The music featured is “When I’m Small” By: Phantogram, “Landfill” By: Daughter, “Turning Tables” By: Adele, and “Now You’re Gone” By: Secret Machines!  ENJOY!