FINALLY an Olicity vid for 3×09!!

So as I said in my last post, I have been really busy. December was a big month for me. I temporarily moved up to my sister’s house, during the months the yogurt shop I work at is closed, to be my nephews’ nanny. It was the holidays full of chaos and I decided to make jewelry for the 1st time for my sisters (which didn’t turn out too bad). And I started to watch a teen show that I didn’t think I would watch more than 2 or 3 episodes but ended up catching up to it’s 4th season….cough….Switched at Birth…..cough….Emmett & Bay are the cutest….cough….lol. So yeah been busy! I have really wanted to finish and upload this video since the ep aired but as you can see I was distracted. The video is kind of like the ep in that while he is climbing there are flashbacks to moments in the ep and some other Olicity moments then a mix of 3×09 and other Olicity flashbacks throughout the fight. Each flashback section (except the ones in black&white) starts at S3 then ends at S1 moments. Then the final flashback just before he gets pushed off the cliff is their first meeting. Hopefully all the flashbacks make since! The music featured is “Lost On The Moon” by Duncan Sheik! Hope you guys enjoy/like/share! 🙂


Olicity vid before tonight’s premiere!

So I’ve been gone awhile, sorry! I had a bit of vidder’s block. I kept making vids then scraping them. But I had to get an Olicity vid out before the S3 premiere and here it is! The vid is centered around their date. I put flashbacks in between the “loving looks” right before they hug each other! I CANNOT wait for tonight! Thank god today is one of my days off (I may have mentioned that a certain show was premiering tonight that I’d been waiting all summer for, so thank you Anna!). The music featured is “Look at the Light” by Sin Fang! Hope you enjoy/like/share! And let’s hope we all don’t die tonight, but what am I kidding we totally are! lol 🙂