New intro for 2015!

Hello, long time no see! Well, I have been super busy of late (new temporary location, holiday mayhem, etc.)  so videos have moved down my priority list. But I do have some good news, since things have died down a bit, I will be uploading more vids. And I mean it, cause my internet for the next 2 months (give or take) will be unlimited! YAY!! So I decided to make a new intro for 2015 with all new clips! Music featured is “Dreamer” by n. Lannon! Enjoy! P.S. My Olicity vid for 3×09/first half of season 3 w/ lots of flashbacks will be coming shortly!


Intro Redo

So I decided to update my intro. I kept the old one, I just added some of my favorite couples to it! Oh and I also changed the music, it is now “Fountains” by M83! Hope you guys like it! 🙂