Arthur and Guinevere vid for 5×12/5×13

So it took me a while to make this. Actually it took me a while to start it cause I was so broken by the last episode of Merlin EVER!! But the biggest reason is cause I’m a perfectionist and wanted the perfect song! And I believe I found it in “New York” by Snow Patrol. The vid follows the ep but I made my own editing choices. I ¬†was really mad that Arwen did not get a proper send off, so I made one myself! The last thing Arthur will see is his Guinevere. I hope you enjoy/cry at those bits! There may no longer be any more Merlin BUT I will never stop making vids for it!


BTVS Season One Finale Vid

This has been a really good week so I was finally inspired to make a video! Not only did I make a new video, my season two episodes/clips of Buffy are ready to go! So expect more BTVS vids coming your way! For this video I wanted to pay tribute to some of the great scenes from the finale with the song “Hearing Damage” By: Thom Yorke. I made this in one day, so please be kind and enjoy.