Arrow Hiatus = New Olicity Vid Series…..

To get through the hiatus, I decided to make a series of Olicity vids! I got the idea a week ago when I did a rewatch of my old Arwen vids. I made 2 videos called Through Their Eyes, both showing their wonderful eye contact throughout their relationship as well as kisses. They had such great eye sex! BUT since I found Olicity, no one, not even Arwen, comes close to Olicity’s eye banging! Plus I added touching! They are the ultimate nonverbal communicators, so it was just a MUST to add all the shoulder touches and hand holding!

Since Arwen had a shorter amount of episodes, 2 videos pretty much covered it! HOWEVER with Olicity, there is simply too much for just one vid! So I will be releasing (as of now) 3 volumes! That’s right 3 vids of Olicity eye banging and touching and kissing! I am releasing Vol.1 today, then Vol. 2 some time next week, and so on.

The music featured is ALL covers from Youtube! The covers are for Coldplay’s “Yellow” and “Magic,”I put links to the covers in the description of my video on Youtube. Please go watch them and subscribe!

Hope you guys like (and forgive some of the glitches), share and most importantly ENJOY! 🙂


It’s been a while, how are you doing?

Hello world! I have been gone for a few months….there are many reasons for that. 1) I HAVE BEEN SUPER BUSY!! Like only getting one day off busy! 2) My lovely Mac is dying (to be fair in computer years she’s like 80 and yes my mac is a she) and wouldn’t let me do much before she’d start whining (yes it’s makes a whining sound!). So I had to buy a new computer (sadly a Windows) and it took me awhile to get used to my new video editing software and 3) I lost a bit of inspiration, due to the above mentioned and lack of trailers…… until now! The video is like an Olicity greatest hits, though for time reasons I had to cut a few of my favorites, plus Season 4 scenes from the 1st trailer and 30 sec promo. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Why did you not use the newest trailer with the most beautiful souffle scene ever?!” Good question, I finished this vid then immediately got on twitter to just check up on things and BAM! there it was. Due to the fact that I didn’t want to completely redo my vid, I will make a short vidlet with all the Season 4 goodies. Just be on the lookout. And since I never get stuff done when I want, it will probably be done the day of the premiere! lol The music featured is “Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love” by Coldplay. Hope you guys like it and don’t judge the editing too harshly! It’s good to be back! 🙂


Captain Swan vid just for the epic finale!

First off, I have more ideas and songs on deck for these two so be on the look out! Now that finale/2-hour Captain Swan movie was PERFECT! I could watch that finale everyday and still not get tired of it! So I originally, before I saw the finale, wanted to do an epic CS vid that showcased their relationship up til now. BUT….the finale was so epic in it’s own right that it needed it’s own vid! The music featured is “A Sky Full of Stars” by Coldplay (two Coldplay songs in a row, interesting, guess their new album might be pretty good….albeit one was a cover! lol). Hope you guys enjoy/like/share! 🙂 *Had to mess with the audio so YouTube wouldn’t mute it* UPDATE 5/18/2014: Youtube strikes again! So I now have it on my Vimeo!


Buffy and Angel vid for Season 3 {eps 1-4}

So like I said in my last post, I made this a few weeks ago. This vid is about how Buffy is feeling at the beginning of season 3. She feels lost and the dreams she keeps having about Angel aren’t helping as the lyrics say “how long must you pay for it.” The other lyric “how long must you wait for it,” showcases her need for this pain and guilt to go away. Then when Angel comes back, how long must she pay for what happened to Angel and how long must see wait until he’s Angel again. Finally at the end when Angel saves Buffy, she wants him to “sing it out” or say her name. And with the final lyric, “and I was lost” ends with them finding each other and no longer being lost. I hope my ramblings make sense! The music featured is “In My Place” by Coldplay. Please enjoy!   

Arthur & Gwen Vid for Season 4 Episode 5

It’s another video! I know I said I wouldn’t be making videos as much but I can’t help myself! First the awesomeness of Once Upon A Time and now some sad and romantic Arthur and Gwen scenes from Merlin! God, this needs to stop! lol Anyways, this video is about the struggles of doing what is right. Agravaine is putting shit in his head ( I seriously hate him!), leading Arthur to make horrible decisions. But the words of Gwen lead him to make the right decisions. The song used is “Amsterdam” by Coldplay.                                                                                                  

Tribute to Buffy & Angel Season Two: Part One Vid

As I have said before Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my all time favorite show. Buffy and Angel were my first OTP. So I decided to make a tribute video (more on the way) about their love in season two. I didn’t do this for season one mostly because there wasn’t much and I made a B/A video already. This is the first part of the tribute, I will be making part two as soon as I can. The music featured is ” Lovers In Japan” By: Coldplay, “All I Need” By: Radiohead, and “Tonight” By: Lykke Li. ENJOY!   *Update July 23, 2012* Fox has blocked it, so I had to delete it 😦 Thank God for Vimeo!      

<p><a href=”″>Tribute B A S2 P1</a> from <a href=”″>Caroline Wilson</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>