Rae and Finn Vid

So I have fallen in love with this series! I started watching last weekend and couldn’t stop! I’m so happy there will be a 2nd series! So this is about my OTP (and everyone else’s cause they are beautiful!) Rae and Finn. The music featured is “Don’t Go Slow” by Benjamin Francis Leftwich! Please enjoy and share!


Arthur & Gwen vid for all 4 seasons/series

My first Arthur and Gwen vid in 2012! It took me long enough! lol Anyways, I really wanted to make a vid with scenes from all 4 seasons/series and came up with this. At the beginning, it’s the scene where Arthur tells Gwen that what they had is gone then it goes into flashback (black and white). After a few lovely scenes from seasons/series 1-3, it goes back to the present where Arthur and Gwen have their beautiful stare down. In between looking intensely at each other they both remember the past year and then Arthur realizes that he doesn’t want to lose her and they live happily ever after (but of course we all know that doesn’t happen). The song is a cover by Benjamin Francis Leftwich of “Rebellion” by Arcade Fire. The way I interpret the song for this vid is that every time they close their eyes to love then it’s just lies and they need to open them to see the truth. Please Enjoy!