Catherine and Henry (Northanger Abbey) vid

So I love this couple and wanted to make a vid for them! Plus I’m in love with JJ Feild! By the way, I know I have been making new intros every new year for a couple years but I REALLY love the one I made for 2012 that I’m keeping it until further notice! The music featured is “Reach” by Andrew Belle! Please enjoy and share! 🙂


Logan & Veronica Vid for Season 2

I finally made another Veronica Mars vid!! It only took me a year! lol So this vid is for my OTP of the show, Veronica and Logan (LoVe). It’s just a simple vid about all the ups and downs of their relationship throughout season two. The music featured is “In My Veins” by Andrew Belle feat. Erin McCarley. Please Enjoy!

Mary Margaret & David Vidlet

I really wanted to make a vid for the 3rd episode of Once Upon A Time, so I made this! It’s just a vidlet and don’t worry a more involved vid is already in the works! This little vidlet is about what happens in episode 3 to Mary Margaret and David aka John Doe. The music featured is “Colorblind” cover by Andrew Belle.