Olicity vid for 3×01!

That episode was PERFECT!!! That kiss made my heart stop! Thank you, Greg, Andrew, and Marc, for a pretty great premiere. I can’t wait for more angst and I have many songs picked out! This vid is just about the Olicity moments in 3×01. The only flashback scene I used was for a certain scene ;). The music featured is “Flames” by VAST. Hope you enjoy/like/share! 🙂


Olicity vid before tonight’s premiere!

So I’ve been gone awhile, sorry! I had a bit of vidder’s block. I kept making vids then scraping them. But I had to get an Olicity vid out before the S3 premiere and here it is! The vid is centered around their date. I put flashbacks in between the “loving looks” right before they hug each other! I CANNOT wait for tonight! Thank god today is one of my days off (I may have mentioned that a certain show was premiering tonight that I’d been waiting all summer for, so thank you Anna!). The music featured is “Look at the Light” by Sin Fang! Hope you enjoy/like/share! And let’s hope we all don’t die tonight, but what am I kidding we totally are! lol 🙂

New Olicity vid w/ 3×01 scenes from the new trailer!

Of course I HAD to make a vid! Those small scenes were/are beautiful! And now with our captain, Stephen Amell, pretty much confirming that Olicity is endgame…..I’M SUPER HAPPY! I did a dance and everything! I was going to make a short vid with just the S3 clips but that didn’t happen…I got a little too excited! So when he looks at her as she walks away in 3×01, we get flashbacks of Felicity’s face and some awesome times between them. The other flashbacks were a way to connect to Felicity all bloody. These flashbacks are every time he’s saved her/kept her safe which ends with 3×01 when he didn’t. That clip of Felicity and Oliver all blown up looking is the bookends for this vid. Now that my rambling is out of the way, sorry I’m a little tired, we can get to the music! The music featured is “Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)” cover by Cary Brothers feat. Priscilla Ahn! Hope you enjoy/like/share! 🙂