Martha and Mr. Right vid! (FYI, I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!)

Hey there world, how ya been? Guess what?!?! I got my inspiration back to vid!!! And it’s all thanks to this wonderful movie that everyone needs to watch and fall in love with……MR. RIGHT!!
I have no idea why it took me so long to watch this movie! I actually thought about watching it months ago cause 1.) Anna Kendrick is in it & 2.) Sam Rockwell is in it (Side note: I have been attracted to Sam Rockwell since I first saw him in Charlie’s Angels when I was 10/11. I think his dancing has greatly contributed to that attraction). That’s a win-win in my book. But for whatever reason, I didn’t rent it and went on with my life.
Then a couple days ago, my aunt and uncle watched it (cause it was on demand) and fell in love with it. So they made me watch it during dinner the next night. I cannot thank them enough for re-introducing the movie to me! I was working on this vid a day later.
I can’t stop watching it and want to make more vids for them! I wish this was a series so I could see what other shenanigans they get into!!
So I hope you enjoy this vid and maybe, you’ll want to watch the whole movie because of it!! The music featured is “Away” by TRACE. Please share/like if you can! 🙂