New fandom ALERT!! Wolfgang and Kala vid for Season One!

Well look at this, a vid that isn’t about Oliver and Felicity… So I recently looked through my Youtube vids and noticed something…..I haven’t vidded anything other than Olicity SINCE 2014!!!!!! Not that, that is such a bad thing but I felt a need (especially after my last 3 vids…lol) to focus on other ships for a little while. I’ll still make Olicity vids but not one after another after another and so on. Now that I got that interesting tidbit out of the way…on to my NEW FANDOM…..SENSE8!!

Here is the story of how I heard about the show, when/why I started to watch it, and what I think of the show itself!

I first heard about Sense 8 over the summer. From what I saw of the gifs on Tumblr, it peaked my curiosity. However, I was HELLA busy working and didn’t have Netflix. The yogurt shop I worked at had a TV and we used Netflix for the kids who would come in, so I could of watched it. BUT that probably would of got me fired, so while it was tempting…I avoided doing that. So I just had to put the show on the back burner until I was able to watch it at a further date.

I wasn’t planning on being “nanny” for my nephews at the end of my seasonal job in November like I did the year before, but my sister’s situation changed and she needed me ASAP. She has Netflix. I know what you’re thinking…. if you had access to it, then why didn’t you watch it the minute you got to her house….The truth is, I kinda forgot about the show. I had my Olicity/Arrow blinders on and no other show mattered. Plus it wasn’t as prominent on my various social media feeds in November than at it’s peak in the summer. After a couple months, maybe end of December/beginning of January, Netflix finally suggested it to me. I added it to my list and hoped to watch it once little ones weren’t around. Easier said than done.

Soon my sister started taking trips down to our hometown. I would normally go with but occasionally I would stay and house sit. The second to last weekend in March, I had the house to myself. And on that Saturday, I FINALLY gave Sense 8 a chance….WHAT A FABULOUS CHOICE THAT WAS!

The show surpassed my expectations and made me cry many times. I love how it shows what true connection looks and feels like. All these people are different, yet they all share common emotions. It is the true human experience and I was very moved by it. As well as emotionally inspired. One of the greatest shows I have ever seen, it is truly art. Also, all the relationships are easy to ship. Each one of the relationships, be it romantic or otherwise, have their own distinct flavor and elicit all different types of love and connection. I could easily make vids for all of the couples, however one ship sticks out more for me…..WOLFGANG AND KALA!!

Reasons I ship them:

  1. They remind me of Oliver and Felicity
  2. They are complete opposites and I LOVE IT
  3. They have a star-crossed lovers vibe
  4.  Wolfgang thinks he is a monster and that Kala deserves better
  5. ALL THE FEELS!! I get those wonderful deep feels with these two, the same ones I get for Olicity.

So that is how I got here. I wanted to make a vid sooner but life, as it normally does and should, got in the way. The vid is for all of Season 1 and features the Ed Wells cover of “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak! Hope you guys like/share and most importantly enjoy! 🙂


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