The last volume until the end the of the season is here!

Yay! I got it out before the hiatus is over!! Goal achieved! This is all S4 looks and touches through episode 15…however I didn’t use all of 15 cause I didn’t want this volume to end super sad! Instead when I make volume 4 at the end of the season, it will start sad and end happy (no I am not a psychic….but Olicity will be back together at the end of S4, there is no doubt!).

The music featured is similar to volume 2 in that there are covers and the actual artists. Here is the music in order of appearance: “Bright” by Echosmith feat. Lindsey Stirling (this is the beginning and ending song), “Mirrors” cover by Drew Tabor, “Mirrors” violin cover by Jun Sung Ahn, “Mirrors” cover by Andrew Ripp, “All of Me” violin/guitar cover by Daniel Jang, “Embers” by Max Richter, “All of Me” by John Legend feat. Lindsey Stirling, “Rather Be” cover by The Shires, and “Bright” violin/guitar cover by Top40Strings on Youtube!

Hope you guys like/share and most importantly enjoy! (CAUSE A NEW ARROW IS ON THIS WEEK!!!) 🙂


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