Volume 2 of my Olicity Series is here!

I finally got it up! I would of had this up yesterday but it took FOREVER to render! Also I made it super long, which did not help! lol. I tried to make it smaller but Season 3 is full of angsty looks! I couldn’t help myself. Just be glad it’s not 40 mins long…..instead you only have to stare at Oliver and Felicity for 30 mins!

The music featured is all over the place…..there are a lot of covers and a couple of songs from the actual artist! Here is the list in order of appearance: “Break My Heart” by Mree (this song is repeated throughout the vid!), “Clarity” instrumental cover by Brooklyn Duo feat. Dover Quartet, “Clarity” cover by Regina Zaremba, “Perth” cover by Daughter, “Perth” instrumental cover by Alex Collier and the Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra, “With or Without You” cover by 2Cellos (this continues after the next song), “With or Without You” cover by Keane, “All I Ask” by Adele (pitch shifted), “All I Ask” violin cover by Alison Sparrow, and “Þau hafa sloppið undan Þunga myrkursins” by Ólafur Arnalds!

That’s a lot of music! lol Hope you guys like/share and most importantly enjoy! 🙂

(If you would like to know the story behind this series of vids, click here!)


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