Arrow Hiatus = New Olicity Vid Series…..

To get through the hiatus, I decided to make a series of Olicity vids! I got the idea a week ago when I did a rewatch of my old Arwen vids. I made 2 videos called Through Their Eyes, both showing their wonderful eye contact throughout their relationship as well as kisses. They had such great eye sex! BUT since I found Olicity, no one, not even Arwen, comes close to Olicity’s eye banging! Plus I added touching! They are the ultimate nonverbal communicators, so it was just a MUST to add all the shoulder touches and hand holding!

Since Arwen had a shorter amount of episodes, 2 videos pretty much covered it! HOWEVER with Olicity, there is simply too much for just one vid! So I will be releasing (as of now) 3 volumes! That’s right 3 vids of Olicity eye banging and touching and kissing! I am releasing Vol.1 today, then Vol. 2 some time next week, and so on.

The music featured is ALL covers from Youtube! The covers are for Coldplay’s “Yellow” and “Magic,”I put links to the covers in the description of my video on Youtube. Please go watch them and subscribe!

Hope you guys like (and forgive some of the glitches), share and most importantly ENJOY! 🙂


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