I’M BACK!! Sorry for the absence…..

I know, I know, it’s been awhile. I wish I could say I was super busy (which I was for a little while), but the truth is…..I got creatively blocked! BOO ME! It’s not like there wasn’t inspiration for me (especially with my beautiful Olicity) but I couldn’t for the life of me create anything. I kept starting then never finishing. It was SUPER frustrating. Also after I met Stephen and David, it’s like I calmed down fandom wise. I still LOVE Arrow but I don’t have to know every single spoiler and speculation the minute it happens. It’s weird but better for my social life! lol. So there you have it, why I have been so silent. BUT not today (which happens to be one week until Arrow is back), I have an Olicity vid just for your beautiful fandom eyes.

Since I haven’t made a vid since the start of Season 4 yet, I decided this vid would mostly contain S4 footage. I did include 1 clip from each of the previous seasons, but the rest is purely S4 eps 1-9/10ish. This vid is a bunch of layers upon layers….that’s the way it makes sense in my head. After the intro, it starts with the limo ride then goes to the proposal then to the party then back to the proposal then to some flashbacks then to Damien’s lair and so on and so forth. There are some small variations but it’s still layered. And I tried to make the scenes/clips connect in some way to the next scene/clip. Hope you guys like it, I am so glad to have some mojo left. I was worried that I would never make a vid again….SCARY! The music featured is “Winter” by Mree! Hope you enjoy/like/share!! So glad to be back!! 🙂


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