New Olicity vid: Simple Together

This vid is a long time coming. I decided near the end of summer to rediscover some of my old music. I found, again, my love for some and laughed at others. And of course, around this time, the synopsis for 3×01,”The Calm,” came out. It was like magic as I re-listened to one song in particular. The song fit so well to what I expected to happen during Season 3, that I knew I was suppose to make a vid with it. I thought I would make it right after 3×01, but it didn’t feel right yet. And this continued throughout S3a. It just never felt like the right time. As S3b started I hoped to use it soon (though not really cause I wanted Olicity happiness, which is NOT what we got). Then came 3×12, and I REALLY wanted to use it…..but still there was something telling me to wait. Now I know, I needed to wait for this ridiculous hiatus to see it clearly. Everything is angsty right now, neither one is communicating. It’s hard to watch and it’s sad cause all we want is for them to be together. And that is pretty much this song. It’s about thinking you’re gonna be with someone then you get the wool pulled over your eyes. And with Felicity actually starting a “relationship” with Palmer (UGH!!!), right now (from Oliver and Felicity’s POV) there is no chance of being together. Of course, I know different but strictly speaking they don’t! I’m just really glad to finally make a vid with this song! The song in question is “Simple Together” by Alanis Morissette! Hope you enjoy/like/share! 🙂




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