Another Olicity vid for 3×12

I made another Olicity vid for 3×12! I will never get over that last scene……so powerful. EBR OWNED that scene. Anyways, I wanted to add more editing and more flashbacks to this vid. But I kept the flashbacks to Season 3 ones only. The vid revolves around the last scene and is from both POV’s. That is actually one of the reasons I love that scene so much. The fact that you can see both sides, right or wrong. It’s balanced, just like their friendship has been and (hopefully) future romantic relationship will be. The song I used is “I L U (Phantogram Remix)” by School of Seven Bells, I think it fits perfectly. Both of them feel like they’re right and wish the other would see their side, see it their way. They wanted to both be on the same page but that didn’t happen. I particularly like this line in the song “cause my dreams won’t let this die,” both of them have been dreaming of a life they don’t believe they can have. So Felicity gives up on hope with Oliver and he lets her. Even though both of them clearly love each other, it doesn’t change anything. Plus the song has a sadness to it but she still loves this person. No matter how much she says “loved” in the song. It’s clear to me that the love she feels isn’t gone. Which is why it’s perfect cause they STILL love each other deeply and in time they will have their happiness! But they are so not there yet! Bring on the angst!  Hope you guys enjoy/like/share! 🙂



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