Olicity vid for 3×10!

Sorry, this is later than I wanted to upload this and it’s not the greatest. My nephews got sick and since I’m the nanny….I’ve been busy. But hey, it’s Arrow day (and I said I’d get it out before the episode aired, so there’s that. lol)! And we might get some Olicity dreams tonight……or not. They could just be trolling us…looking at you Trollenheim! So let’s talk about last week’s episode…..Poor Felicity! That whole episode, I just kept feeling for her. I was so numb after watching her go through all the stages of grief. While I’m so happy we know he is alive….she doesn’t. So bring on more angst! This video is just a Felicity “going through the motions” (now I have the song in my head…..BtVS fans looking at you) vid. There are flashbacks plus two parts where she imagines him waiting in the cave and coming down the stairs. Oh and this the first appearance by Laurel in any of my vids. I haven’t always been her biggest fan but that scene with Felicity was perfect! Music featured is “Too Late” by M83! Hope you enjoy/like/share! 🙂



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