I’m back with a new Olicity vid! Yay!

So I have been gone for many reasons, some personal however I’m back for this short time. With all the Olicity spoilers for Season 3, I HAD to make a vid! Most of my Olicity vids are primarily Felicity’s POV, but this one is Oliver’s POV. To me the moment that clicked for him was the scene in the tower when she tells him he’s not alone and she believes in him. His eyes and his gentle hand tell you everything! I titled the vid, “Oliver Knows What He Wants…,” the dot,dot,dot pertains to *SPOILER* Season 3’s date and whether Oliver goes after what he wants. I need Season 3 like air! I even have a song picked out for when *SPOILER* ultimately Oliver or Felicity take a step back cause of the new drama. Also, while Olicity is my OTP, *SPOILER* I’m so excited for Ray Palmer (mostly cause of Brandon Routh, he is beautiful! lol). The music featured is “Song for Zula (Live on KEXP)” by Phosphorescent. I do have some vids, mostly funny ones, that I’ve made but I don’t have time to upload them at this time. I will tease that the scoobies may be reacting to some Olicity scenes ;). Well, I hope you enjoy/like/share! 🙂


2 thoughts on “I’m back with a new Olicity vid! Yay!

  1. I loved it. Thanks. However the music was a bit loud in places and I couldn’t hear all the dialogue. Is there a way I can adjust that on my device somehow?

    1. Not really. Sorry, sometimes I don’t have the best clips and I try my best to make it loud enough to hear. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But I’m glad you still enjoyed it with it’s imperfections! 🙂

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