Finally another vid!! And it’s Olicity! YAY!

So I have been in a lull with videos, plus I just couldn’t find the right music (my excuse for everything, right! lol). But I finally got around to finishing my Olicity vid for the end of Season 2. Yes, I was mad about the fake out BUT the end well made up for it! Cause this is the way I see it…. Oliver CANNOT LIE to Felicity. He can lie perfectly to everyone else but she sees through him. He didn’t have to look at her the way he did. Slade could only hear what he was saying, the way the camera was angled was behind Oliver. His eyes told me the truth. BUT of course Felicity is gonna write it off cause there is no way Oliver loves her that way… Also he didn’t really answer at the end. He just stared into her beautiful eyes like he always does. However this time was different, it felt like the beginning of something special, like a dance that has just began. This is it Oliciters, the slow burn has really began. We have years and angst ahead of us, but I truly believe the show is making them endgame. You don’t give two characters this much attention, if you weren’t going in that direction. Plus that whole “I love you fake out” felt a little like the “not so” fake out between Clark and Lois (you know, the one with the lie detector). The music I used was a cover of the Semisonic song, “Secret Smile,” by Irish singer/songwriter Andrea Begley. Hope you enjoy/like/share! 🙂


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