My first Captain Swan vid…took me long enough! lol

So surprisingly this is my 1st Captain Swan vid! There are reasons for the lateness of this and I have to tell you the whole story. The minute we met Captain Hook in Season 2, I LOVED HIM! When Emma and Hook had to team up to get the compass, I enjoyed the hell out of it! However, I didn’t hardcore ship them. I liked what I saw don’t get me wrong, but at that point I was shipping Emma with everybody. She just has great chemistry with a lot of her male counterparts. If there was one train I was on, it was SwanThief/SwanFire. At that time, Hook was still somewhat a villain and she had a deeper connection with Neal/Bae. As Season 2 was coming to an end, I wanted Neal and Emma to end up together, but I at least wanted Hook and Emma to hook 😉 up before then. Cause there was something there. The diner scene and him coming back because of what she said, really made me want that hook up. So season 3 comes around and I still want those things but Hook started changing and giving Emma puppy dog eyes. Then they kissed and I think that is when things shifted for me. I felt bad for Hook when Neal came back, I was rooting for him more than Neal. When he gave that, “I will win it” speech….damn my heart. The mid-season finale when he said,” Not a day will go by that I won’t think of you” then she said, “Good” and they looked at each other like epic in love characters and then he shows up a YEAR LATER…….GAH, on the shipper train! That’s when I started really noticing all the parallels with Snowing. When it came back, it was all Captain Swan for me and I didn’t even notice Neal wasn’t there. Though to be honest I got really emotional when he died cause I didn’t think the writers would make Captain Swan endgame because of her connection with Neal and then they really killed him off. And that sealed it for me that Captain Swan is endgame/true love. So I finally made a vid, though it’s just for 3×20 cause I didn’t have time (BEEN SUPER BUSY, another reason for no Captain Swan vids or any other vids for that matter! lol) to make a really awesome one, I’ll save that until after the EPIC finale. I loved that this drowning paralleled her mommy and daddy’s scene from season 1. She wanted him to COME BACK TO HER! GAH!! So the music is a cover of Coldplay’s “Magic” by Kina Grannis! Hope you enjoy/like/share! 🙂 BRING ON THE 2-HOUR CAPTAIN SWAN LOVEFEST…I mean the 2-hour Once Upon A Time finale! lol


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