Period Drama Kisses vid!

Made this a few weeks ago, so I thought I would finally upload it since I just uploaded my DCTP vid! The music featured is “Be My Only” by FM Radio. Here are the kisses in order: Eisenheim and Sophie(The Illusionist), Danielle and Prince Henry(Ever After), Catherine and Henry Tilney(Northanger Abbey), Anne and James(The Abduction Club), Fancy Day and Dick Dewey(Under the Greenwood Tree), Guy and Nan(The Buccaneers), Cathy and Heathcliff(Wuthering Heights), Mathilde and Manech(A Very Long Engagement), Elizabeth and Darcy(Pride and Prejudice 1995), Fanny and Edmund(Mansfield Park 2007), Mary and Francis(Reign), Robin Hood and Marian(BBC’s Robin Hood), Elizabeth and Darcy(Pride and Prejudice 2005), Emma and Mr. Knightley(Emma 2009), Victoria and Albert(The Young Victoria), Jane and Mr. Rochester(Jane Eyre), Elinor and Edward (Sense and Sensibility 2008), Fanny and John Keats(Bright Star), Fanny and Edmund(Mansfield Park 1999), Jack and Aliena(The Pillars of the Earth), Amy and Arthur(Little Dorrit), Anne and Captain Wentworth(Persuasion), Djaq and Will(BBC’s Robin Hood), Caris and Merthin(World Without End), Allie and Noah(The Notebook), Mary and Bash(Reign), Tess and Angel(Tess of the D’urbervilles), Margaret and John(North & South), and Anne and Gilbert(Anne of Green Gables). Enjoy! 🙂


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