Fisher and Laura vid (Lark Rise to Candleford-Season 2)

I’m back!!! Sorry, life got in the way and I had a bit of vidders block. So I just recently started re-watching Lark Rise to Candleford, which made me wonder why I never made a vid for it when I started watching it! I love this show! So I decided to make a vid about Fisher and Laura from Season 2. FYI, I was completely in love with Fisher Bloom when he showed up and was just as heartbroken when he left (the first time). The song I chose for them is “All Farewells” by Coast because no matter how much you love someone or what words you say, you can’t change who you are. Fisher always leaves after a project and even though he wants to stay with Laura, in the long run the relationship probably wouldn’t last. Sad as that is, it’s true. Don’t get me wrong the first time I watched this, I was pissed at her dad but watching again, after seeing what comes next, I understand it more! Hope you like/share/enjoy!!! 🙂


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