Indie and Offbeat Movie Kisses Vid

So recently I’ve been collecting movie kisses from some of my favorite movies. I got so many that I couldn’t put them all together cause the vid would be forever long. So I divided them into categories. I got inspiration for the indie couples a few days ago. I’m not sure when the next vid will be or what category, hopefully it won’t be too long :). The couples in order are: Penelope & Max/Johnny, Zia & Mikal, Novalee & Forney, James & Em, Donnie & Gretchen, Nick & Norah, Roland & Cassandra, Gilbert & Becky, Sam & Alyssa, Matthew & Isabelle, Holly & Nat, Francis & Margie, Scott & Ramona, Dakota & Jonah, Lucy & Jude, Osvaldo & Lucy, Scott & Fran, Corey & A.J., Joel & Clementine, Mary & Patrick, Juno & Paulie, Veronika & Edward, Julien & Sophie, Sam & Joon, Tommy & Kathy, Jenna & Jim, and Andrew & Sam. The music featured is “Juniper” by Y la Bamba! ENJOY!


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