Buffy and Angel vid for Season 3 {eps 1-4}

So like I said in my last post, I made this a few weeks ago. This vid is about how Buffy is feeling at the beginning of season 3. She feels lost and the dreams she keeps having about Angel aren’t helping as the lyrics say “how long must you pay for it.” The other lyric “how long must you wait for it,” showcases her need for this pain and guilt to go away. Then when Angel comes back, how long must she pay for what happened to Angel and how long must see wait until he’s Angel again. Finally at the end when Angel saves Buffy, she wants him to “sing it out” or say her name. And with the final lyric, “and I was lost” ends with them finding each other and no longer being lost. I hope my ramblings make sense! The music featured is “In My Place” by Coldplay. Please enjoy!   


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