Arthur & Guinevere Vid for 4×13

I finally made a vid for the epic finale! (Darn you, Fringe and your awesomeness keeping me from vidding! lol) Anyway this vid only contains clips from 4×13, I will be making more Arwen vids with all the series/seasons so be on the lookout! I’M SO HAPPY GWEN IS QUEEN!!!! The song featured is “Standing In Front Of You” by Kelly Clarkson. I love how this song at the beginning (except for the first bit when Arthur is being an idiot and an ass!) showcases Gwen’s side, laying out her feelings to Arthur, then it switches after Isolde dies. Arthur is telling Gwen that he isn’t going anywhere and wants to be with her no matter what. The end of the vid when Gwen is crowned and both of them telling each other that nothing is going to break them, they are solid. Enjoy! UPDATE FEB. 9th 2014: Youtube muted it, so I had to re-upload it on Vimeo! EVIL YOUTUBE!!!!!


One thought on “Arthur & Guinevere Vid for 4×13

  1. i love the way you done the song and video it so awesome and beautiful and wonderful they know that they belong together they love is forever

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